Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

BA Consultant Group, LLC corporate social responsibility is focused on providing supplemental educational services to civilians and military personnel. This mission-focused volunteerism is geared towards meeting the needs of the community to assist with mental health, college preparation and career goals. We focus on hiring individuals with a military background and currently able to provide referrals for additional training.

The CEO of BA Consultant Group, LLC has provided crisis intervention to active military members and presentations on stress related management. She is the founder of a nonprofit organization delivering over a decade of community service to decrease academic deficiencies and increase behavioral health awareness. “Pop Up Shops” are available in rural areas and metropolitan clusters with the goal of promoting a one-day service related topic.

“Pay It Forward” is a core belief which drives the day to day operations of BA Consultant Group, LLC. It is imperative to strengthen community ties while building productive citizens. Pouring resources into a society builds a strong basis that is the foundation of prosperity. “Enter to learn and go forth to serve” is a phrase that encompasses the goals of the organization, strengthen civic bonds and construct character.

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